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martedì 14 aprile 2009

Colors of life

The Gallery Art & Design is a space dedicated to art with a singular proposal that deliberately inserts itself into avant-garde trends. After operating in Mexico City and Milan, The Gallery opens its doors in Richmond. In this new effervescent environment of intense cultural activity, The Gallery, closely tied to the conceptual movement, operates as a gathering point for young talented American and international artists. The Gallery is appreciated by a demanding public for the excellent quality and contemporaneousness of its artists. Focused on the content as well as the high quality of the artwork, The Gallery responds to the aesthetic concerns of a dynamic city by giving a voice and a space to the problems and uncertainties of the different trends that arise in the world of contemporary art.

Colors of Life enters now SECOND LIFE thanks to WDT PLANET

Colors of Life opens its first virtual gallery at WDT PLANET with an exhibition of a selection of the best pictures from the previous two editions of the photo contest.
Photographs on display will be available for purchase in SECOND LIFE with LINDEN DOLLARS and funds collected will be entirely devolved to PANGEA ONLUS ( ), a not for profit Italian organization that works since 2002 to assure valuable and decent conditions of living to women in needs and to improve their own economic and social environment with different instruments such as: education, instruction on human rights, professional training, health education and micro credit to offer them tools and opportunities for concrete recovery.

But it's not ended yet!

Colors of Life International Photo Contest opens its doors to all the Second Life's artists. Even virtual photography, in Second Life world, will be eligible to participate to the photo contest, like a real photograph!
The new edition of the photo contest, is diverted, starting from the success of the two previous editions, on two different kind of scenarios: the European one, with its apex in the Milan exhibition and the the USA one.
Call for entries, March 1st 2009 - May15th 2009. The work of the participants selected by The Gallery will be submitted to a jury of leading international gallery owners, academics and artists in the field for the selection of the Competition winner and the first and second runners-up and two honorable mentions in the Competition.
Funds collected from the sale of the 50 finalists photographs (except for the part due to the arist and possible additional expenses in the evenience those will not be covered by sponsors) will be devolved to Pangea to support Project Jamila
( ).
The collection of the 50 finalists pictures could be used after explicit request by whoever will make a request, to be exhibited in art fairs and private collections or private or institutional cultural associations of the high and undisputed artistic value aiming to support and promote philantropy and not for profit organizations.
First, second, third price and two honorable mentions will be chosen and selected by the official jury and one of the two honorable mentions will be explicitely chosen from the submissions coming from Second Life if the total number of those will be equal or greater than 50 at least.


"Emotions, Dreams and Thoughts of Humanity"

For subscription, entry fee, rules and conditions and all other valuable informations reguarding the photo contest please check

NOTE: Please remember to specify in the enrty form when submitting your pictures that the photographs have been made in Second Life.


in Second Life
Yortz Conacher
Alice Mastroianni


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