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martedì 8 aprile 2008

Concorso Video Musicali

1st Second Life Music Videos Contest on Koinup!

Submit your Machinima and Win 20,000 L$

Koinup is pleased to announce the 1st Second Life Music Video Contest!

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Images and Sounds are worth a thousand words and they are ideal to express what exactly is your Second Life.

The contest is about the creation of Music Videos, using footage from Second Life. The theme is free, partecipants have the chance to create a whole story, direct other avatars or just make a good stream of images, adding good music to the footage! Good ideas matter more than technical skills!

Winners will be picked by our authoritative judges CodeBastard Redgrave and Tao Takashi.

They will pick the first two winners! Moreover, there will be a third winning video, which will be selected by the Koinup Community!

Winners will receive 20,000 L$ and a special price supplied by CodeBastard Redgrave!

Some SL musicians and artists kindly gave us permissions to use their music as soundtracks of the videos. This event is aimed at promoting all the music and video scene of Second Life!

Videos can be submit from from April, 02th to April, 29th

Winners will be announced May, 6th

Have a look at the contest page! Join Now!


Contest is brought to you by Koinup, the 1st Social Network totally aimed at your Virtual Life!

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