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lunedì 26 novembre 2007

Broadcast Your Virtual Life

Broadcast Your Virtual Life from the Metaverse to Koinup

Spread your Creations in Real-Time from Second Life to Koinup and Beyond

Milan, Italy, November 23th, 2007. We're happy to announce we just completed a broadcast system that lets you post any kind of content directly from virtual worlds to Koinup, in one click.

Right now we can only support Second Life, but soon we'll be including many other virtual worlds.

Using this feature, members can send their stuff directly from Second Life to their gallery, without leaving the virtual world. They can broadcast not just pics, but whole slideshows, stories and journals.

Interaction with virtual worlds is at the core of Koinup strategy. This live broadcast system is the first step inside a more complex strategy aimed at integrations with virtual worlds as Second Life and many others that will come.

This virtual broadcasting system is an ideal tool for covering Second Life events, parties and exhibitions. Bloggers and journalists can use it to do live reports while inworld. Any event you attend in Second Life can be exported to your Koinup page. Anyone can now become a virtual reporter!

By combining the Virtual broadcast and CrossPost tools you can unleash the ability to publish from Second Life to Koinup and from here to major services like Flickr and Twitter - it only takes one click.

Try the new feature without registering by sending a postcard from SL to this email address:

Have a look at some posted postcards .

Koinup srl is a web company based in Brescia, Italy.
Koinup founders are Pierluigi Casolari (CEO) and Edoardo Turelli (CTO)

For press contacts:

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