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lunedì 16 giugno 2008

Orange Photo Week Contest

Orange Island and Koinup are proud to announce the 'Orange Island Photo Week' Contest ( )

Certainly once, you have felt surrounded with reality in SL... an awesome build, a true moment of emotion, a real expression on a friendly face,
a silhouette that could belong to a real being. Obviously this is an alternate reality.

"One second of reality" aims to find out where reality begins for you. Try to mesmerize the jury and make us believe the photo was taken in RL.

The theme of the contest is "One second of reality". The aim of the contest is to capture an instant of reality,

and have viewers believe the photo was taken in RL. The challenge here is to share with the community what for a second seemed real to you.
We hope you will go beyond still-life shots and try to show us emotions are real, no matter where they happen.

Photos can be taken in-world using any available means (such as Second Life photo studios) except using RL photographic backgrounds.
Photos can also be post-processed using programs such as Photoshop. You are allowed to use tricks, and encouraged to share your technique.

More info about the rules here. ( )

Submissions will start on June 9th and will finish on June 23rd. Winners will be announced on Friday June 27.

For more details feel free to contact the team (Natty Foggarty)(

"With the SL5B coming soon, we want to show SL is a world where we can be proud to live.

We hope people will see this competition as a way to show to the real world that SL worth the (virtual) trip! Sometimes words can't explains feelings.
That's why we want the best works to be displayed in the Real World."

There will be two winners. Both will have the chance to participate to an exhibition in a RL gallery (La Cantine).
La Cantine is a creative, experimental and innovative space dedicated to digital technologies, located in the center of Paris.

The winner of the "Jury Prize" will receive his/her work printed and framed in high quality format and the winner of the "Community Prize",
the coolest work on Koinup, will receive a complete package from Never 30 including a N30 studio, poses kit, lights… and more.

Winners of the "Jury Prize" will be picked by a jury composed of Margherita Balzerani , curator at "Le Palais de Tokyo", Paris contemporary art museum,
Marco Manray, renowned SL photographer and author of the book "Io, reporter in Second Life", and Vint Falken, award-winning SL photographer.

Winning photos and a selection of runners up, will be published on the Orange Island and Koinup Blogs
. So Stay tuned, for the announcement.

Winning photos will also be displayed on Orange Island for a minimum of three weeks.

Winners will be announced on the Koinup blog ( ) and on the Orange Island website on June 27th.

With the Orange Island Photoweek, Orange Island confirms its wish to help artistic creativity through sharing and collaboration. This event will be hold from Monday 23th to Friday 27th of June on the Orange Island. It will be a good occasion to start learning how to make awesome shots. Some of the most experienced artists will give classes about crucial points of taking pictures in SL. More info to come in the next week on

You can find more info here

Bloggers and Journalist can get other infos, inworld by contacting: Natty Foggarty or visiting the Orange Island (Orange 1, 195/134/30)

Orange Photo Week Contest is brought to you by Koinup and Orange Island

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