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mercoledì 27 febbraio 2008

Intervista Gina Glimmer

Giovedì 21 Febbraio si è tenuto ad Experience italy il vernissage di Gina Glimmer in cui ha presentato al pubblico e alla stampa i suoi lavori ispirati alle fotografie di Spencer Tunick.
La serata, ricca di ospiti internazionali ha avuto un riscontro positivo dal pubblico di Second Life e non solo.

Riportiamo l'intervista fatta a Gina Glimmer da Micalita Writer, nota blogger della comunità italiana di second life.
MW: Gina you think you will repeat the experience of the nude avatars?

Gina Glimmer: hmmm it's not my habit to repeat things Micalita.Unless some original idea pops up in my mind. But I think that before that happens too many other ideas have passed

MW:Gina When did you start your work of photographer on Second Life? This is also a Real Life passion?

Gina Glimmer: Oh well, i started doing some snapshots on Mounier beach and tried to sell them to couples. I made maybe 50 linden to do the next uploads again . Then I dropped it for a long time as other things kept me busy, until i picked it up more seriously after discovering the groups on So, I'm active in photography in sl since september last year. In rl i've done a few years of photography as a hobby which I had dropped due to work and the usual things in life

MW:What do you find interesting, for the photography, of the environments and the avatars on Second Life?

Gina Glimmer: Hmm there are quite a few challenges in SL. There are many fantastic locations, some really existing ones and lots of beautiful fantasy locations. But the greatest challenge for me is in the avatars. Everyone is interested in their good looks, but they also have many imperfections. That makes them a real challenge to photograph
MW:the imperfections there aren't a problem?

Gina Glimmer: well suppose you find a perfect angle to take a picture of an avatar, but the spine is too twisted to correct in post processing. Then you've got a problem
So what I prefer is find a different angle instead of doing heavy post processing. It's a matter of choice I think

MW:How much of a problem is getting the subject to be looking in the right direction?

Gina Glimmer: I ask people to go in Mouse Look and tell them more or less where to put their mouse. The eyes *should* follow the mouse pointer, but that for some reason doesn't always work

MW:Tell us something about this project inspired by the works of Spencer Tunick, Gina

Gina Glimmer: Actually this idea wasn't mine to do such a project in SL. I've joined an earlier project with another group months ago And from that event I've learned a few things about setting up the poseballs as well as the setting of the event. So during one of my visits to Ex.It the idea came up to me to do a Tunick event here

MW:It 'been difficult work with a large number of avatar?

hmm I wouldn't call it difficult. It took me an hour to get all the avatars on their pose balls and the only real worry I had was that I hoped no one would loose patience and back out. Besides that, i had great help from the Ex.It team and Peter during the preparation of the pose balls

MW:Tell us something about your futures programs in Second Life...

Gina Glimmer: I'm working on a few projects right now.... one is about 100 highlights of sl. I want to make a series of the most popular but also most beautiful locations in sl, many of them will be rp locations like 1001 Nights for example. Then I'm planning do to more nudes with different light techniques as well.


Gina Glimmer: thank you :)

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